Friday, February 15, 2008

Nessa's First Hair Cut

Brian and I took Nessa to Cindy to get her hair cut tonight. She watched Cindy cut Brian's hair, then sat on his lap and got to wear a pretty black polka dot cape. She was very good the whole time. No more frizzy dry ends!

Monday, February 4, 2008

96 years

My Grandmother "Mammy" was born on February 3, 1912. Our family had a party for her at the Nursing home where she is living now. She is physically doing as well as a 96 year old body can, mentally she has good times and bad. She couldn't remember how old she was, she knew she must be a hundrend and was very disappointed when we told her she was ONLY 96.

Mammy and Alexandra, Amelia, and Wyatt all Great Great Grandchildren.

Mammy with her daughters, Ramona (Nanny), Otila, and my mom Clea (aka Cinderella).

Mammy comes from a very old school of picture taking and doesn't believe in smiling for picutres. I think these are the first pictures I have ever seen of her smiling.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tonsil, Adenoid, and Ear Tube Surgery

Monday, January 28th, Nessa had surgery to remove her Tonsils and Adenoids, and put tubes in her ears. She was very a very good girl and patiently waited for the Doctors and let the nurses do everything they needed too without a fuss. Then they let Brian and I go back with her while she went to sleep. She was in about an hour then we got to go back to recovery with her. Four hours later, we got to take her home. The first night she was sleepy and dizzy, but now is doing great! She doesn't like to eat or drink or take her medicines, but she is drinking enough to not be dehydrated.

Before Surgery. After Surgery.

Adoption Day

January 19th is a very special day for our family because 2 years ago on that day Nessa became our daughter. For Nessa's adoption Day this year we had some close Family and Friends over for Chili and an ice cream cake. She had lots of fun playing with her cousins Alaina and Cami.