Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bambi and the Bunny

Vanessa stole the show at her dance recital on June 7Th. She was a bunny in her dance studio's version of Bambi. She was one of the 3 bunnies (out of 6) who appeared on stage and she did all of her steps, although not in the order they were supposed to be. She loved it! She went out there and danced, and she sashayed her little heart out. She did her little arabesque and fell, but got right back up and tried again.
When the rest of the bunnies left the stage she stayed out for her impromptu solo, she was finally chased off the stage by her teacher Miss Ashley.
Then for the finale she was supposed to go out on stage and sit with the other bunnies and do "pretty arms". Nessa decided it was her opportunity for another impromptu solo.
She sat center stage and clapped for everyone, then she heard us in the front row and decided she wanted to see her cousin Alaina and started for the edge of the stage. Luckily she was caught by her teacher just in time and her debut ended in a wail as she was dragged off the stage screaming "Mommy!"