Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter morning, the bunny brought Nessa a basket and hid eggs all over the place. She had so much fun finding them and she rarely gets candy so the basket of chocolate was almost more than she could fathom! Then we got dressed in our tights, shoes, and sweater all a little too big, our dress borrowed from Alaina at literally the last minute (the dress I ordered didn't come in), but still the most beautiful girl in the world.
Nessa was star struck by Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. She was so excited to see them, she couldn't wait for her turn to get her picture taken with them.Then she wasn't just in her own picture she was in lots of other kids pictures too. She had her picture taken many, many times. She kept saying "Hi, Bunny!" and "I love you, Bunny!"
Then we had an egg hunt, Nessa would run through the yard shouting "Eggs! Eggs!" As she passed 20 of them to get to the one she wanted to put in her basket.

Coloring Eggs

Dipped, Dyed, Swirled, or painted...not matter the technique, coloring eggs is so much fun! This is the first year we colored eggs with Nessa and as much fun as she had I think Brian and I had more fun watching the wonder on her face and hearing the giggles and squeals. We all colored on the eggs with crayons and then dipped them in plain old fashioned vinegar and water egg dye. Maybe next year we'll get a little more adventurous.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Britton Falls Talk Series

My mom and I have been going to the WIBC talk series at Britton Falls in Fishers. They have one of the radio personalities speak on a specific topic once a month. Last month was Greg Garrison a political talk show host. This month was Carl Brizzi the Marion County prosecutor on the State of our Streets. They always have a drawing at the end. Last month was a signed copy of Greg Garrison's book, I had already read it so I was fine with not winning. This month was a $100 GC to Ruth Chris Steakhouse, and guess who won!!! ME!

Butterfly Garden

Brian only had to work a 1/2 day on Friday for Good Friday so we all went to the Butterfly Garden at the Zoo. Nessa loved finding all the butterflys, she could have walked around in there for hours. My aunt Otila has butterflys hanging on her walls and Nessa loves looking at them and talking about them so she and my mom joined us in our little family excursion.

St. Patrick's Day

Nessa, Mom and I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Monday. It was cold, but we were all bundled up pretty well and Nessa had so much fun! She loved the bands and characters.

A lot of the paraders threw candy

and some had beads, but we were close to the beginning of the parade and they didn't throw very many.

Mom got a red clover plant from the WIBC float.

Green is good, except for broccoli.

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday my grandmother's nursing home had an Egg Hunt for all the kids. They had the "inmates" stuffing eggs for days and they were all so excited to see the little kids having so much fun. Mammy has had pnemonia and wasn't feeling well enough to spend time with the kids that day, but they still had a lot of fun with the bunny! Nessa loved this bunny, she kept going back to him and cutting in line to hug him again and again. We had discussed our stratagy before the hunt began and Nessa was like a pro at collecting eggs. By the time the hunt was over, her bag was stuffed!

Thursday, March 13, 2008



by Robert McCraken

Today is the day when bold kites fly,

When cumulus clouds roar across the sky.

When robins return, when children cheer,

When light rain beckons spring to appear.

Today is the day when daffodils bloom,

Which children pick to fill the room,

Today is the day when grasses green,

When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen.