Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Sorry, I haven't been blogging very well lately! I will try to do better in the coming months!

Our Halloween season this year is actually a kind of funny story... Vanessa is going to be 3 next week, so she is just getting the whole Halloween thing. I asked her a few weeks ago what she wanted to be. She told me Santa Claus, I said "you can't be Santa for Halloween, what else would you like to be?" She thought for a minute and said "a snowman". I said, ok, if you can't be anything christmas what would you want to be, of course then I got "Santa" again. There is no negotiating with a 2 yr old. Then last week I decided it was getting too close and we had to figure out something. She was going to be an angel, but I thought the costume I had would be too cold. Little did I know it was going to be 70 degrees! So, we brought it up again and she said a pirate. I'm thinking great! She can even take that with her on our cruise in 2 weeks and it would be cute! Then we went shopping... she thought a pirate was a skeleton. I couldn't find a skeleton costume in her size anywhere. She wanted NOTHING to do with any of the pirate costumes. Luckily we found a very soft (velour) toddler witch costume that she fell in love with. She has no idea she is a witch, she just likes that it is soft and has a hat. We went to zoo boo last weekend and put her little monkey back pack on her and she was the wicked witch of the west with her flying monkey.

The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. Vanessa did not like cleaning them, but enjoyed watching me carve them and helping paint them with glitter glue.

Halloween morning... when I woke Nessa up for school I told her "Happy Halloween". She spent the rest of the morning saying "Happy Birthday" and singing the Happy Birthday song. Of course she did have some idea of the holiday because she told Brian as we were leaving for work/school she was going to go "tricking" tonight.

Trick or Treating tonight went better than I ever would have expected. She started right at 6pm and she "tricked" for 2 straight hours and now has more candy than any 3 year old could eat in 2 years! She was also the loudest kid on the block, starting at the end of the driveways and shouting "Trick or Treat" all the way to the door. My favorite is when she rang a neighbors door bell and yelled. "Come in!"

Happy Halloween!