Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer's end

Hello Everyone,

I can't beleive it is Labor Day already. This summer was gone too quickly. Kid's are going back to school and days will start cooling down soon. The past 3 months Nessa has changed from my baby to a little girl. She's very independant and wants to do everything for herself and by herself. Everything is "my turn", and "no mommy, I do it". We have a cheer we say on the way to "school" everyday, it goes "Good Girl. No hitting people. Potty on the Potty and Nap at Naptime. Yay" She is doing such a good job with potty training. Luckily she was one of those kids who just one day said, no more diapers. We have had very few accidents, mostly just because she waits too long to go and one time at Adam and Katie's she forgot to pull her pants down first. Oops! She is getting very tall and as you can see in this picture has some really big hair. She is ready to start her dance classes again this week. I hope Miss Ashley can convince her she needs to wear only one pair of shoes at a time!!!

This weekend we took an impromtu trip up to Ft. Wayne and to the Lake. She had a lot of fun helping Grandma water her garden.

Then we spent the day at the Lake with Grandpa. Brian, Adam, Grandpa and Alaina took in the pier, but we had a little blow up row boat that Nessa and Alaina could row around in. Cami and Nessa didn't really care for the water, but Alaina spent most of the day swimming and surfing on the pier as they brought the pieces in.

On the way home Vanessa was so worn out. We had Barbie Nutcracker (the only movie she will watch right now) on the DVD player and at on point I turned around and she was literally holding her eyes open she was so tired.